Sculptural compositions

Composition is actually the most important thing in any creative job!

It unites everything that is on the artist’s mind. Idea, image, story, color, music, distribution of mass in the space!
An artist which does not create artistic compositions is only a performer!

If you compare it to music, the artist working with compositions is a kind of composer. He composes his artistic reality. As in any other kind of art, it is the highest stage of sculpture.

It is sad to see sometimes that a talented painter draws landscapes only!
It must be the same as to sculpt portraits only. Why limiting yourself with one genre?
Composition includes portraits as well as historical aspect and – the most important – the idea of the composition itself. The beauty of the portrait is enriched by the beauty of the lines, color, volume and all artistic means that are chosen by the artist for this work.

The variety of the topics for fine art compositions is limitless, and it contributes the piece of art.
You may sculpt or draw a character of your favorite book, an outstanding musician, a working artist, a politician, or a spacy, impressionistic composition based on your emotions and experiences.
The most important thing is to fulfill yourself as an artist without the constraints of a single genre.

There are many different characters in my compositions. A sculptural composition may consist of one figure or many. The characters may interact of abide by themselves in its artistic space.

Sculptural composition is poetry, it is music set in bronze and stone!