Sculptural compositions Nude

You can keep on talking about nudes for a long time and it still will be interesting!
I have been working in this genre with great pleasure for a long time.
An artist needs the possibility to analyze the figure without any rush, to comprehend the form.
The interesting thing is how the inner side finds its reflection is the outer.
Race, nationality, psychology have great influence on a human being.
Portraits and figures are very different, every person is individual and very interesting.
An artist’s task is to reflect this beauty – this truth about nature and civilization!
Every artist lives to pass beauty to people; a spectator that enjoy esthetically while looking at a piece of art, realizes this truth of beauty and gets filled with positive emotions!
Everyone whom I modelled are beautiful in their unique beauty!
In every epoch, nude sculptures have been reflecting certain ideal of beauty of their time. The ideal female figure changes and transforms every epoch, but an artist should strive to reflect the essence of timeless beauty!
I hope you will like my nude sculptures presented on my website.