Memorial plaques

In order to immortalize the memory of outstanding people there are the genres of monuments and memorial plaques.
Memorial plaque is a reminder to those living now about glorious past and outstanding people, achievements in culture, sport, science.
I am highly interested in this genre, because a memorial plaque can carry information about a person and also have his or her portrait.
Portrait is the pinnacle of realistic fine art, so every time when I work on a memorial plaque’s composition I pay much attention to the outer and psychological resemblance of the person in question.
It seems to be very important to me that people would know their heroes’ faces and remember them just as they were. So here portrait resemblance is of crucial importance!
To make a memorial plaque, one must be highly professional, must know composition rules and be able to feel the inner state of the person, the whole spectrum of his personality.
I was lucky enough to work with the portraits of remarkable people of our time: great musicians, actors, culture and art workers, scientists.
Among my memorial plaques are the ones dedicated to Shostakovich, Dolmatovsky, Simonov, Ershova, Durov and many other well-known people.

I am open to new proposals and happy to start interesting work, such as sculptural compositions, memorial plaques, monuments, portraits and so on.